Early childhood education(Infants to Pre Nursery)

Cambridge Montessori Preschool provides early childhood education for children from infancy to pre-nursery. The school’s philosophy is based on the Montessori method, which emphasizes a child-centered approach to learning that focuses on individual needs and interests.

For infants, the school provides a nurturing and safe environment that promotes sensory exploration and encourages the development of gross and fine motor skills. The infants are given opportunities to explore their environment through play, movement, and interaction with their caregivers.

For toddlers and pre-nursery children, the school provides a structured environment that fosters independence, creativity, and socialization. The children are given opportunities to engage in hands-on learning activities that promote language development, mathematical reasoning, and cultural awareness. The Montessori curriculum is designed to promote the child’s natural curiosity and love of learning, and the teachers provide guidance and support as the children progress through the various stages of development.

Overall, Cambridge Montessori Preschool provides a child-centered learning environment that promotes the holistic development of young children and prepares them for a lifetime of learning and growth.